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If your Tax Return got rejected by the IRS or State search the rejection code below for detailed instructions on how to correct your tax return. Don't worry, since a rejection of an eFile completed online tax return usually requires only a small correction. You can then re-efile at no additional charge.

If you did not prepare and e-File your Tax Return through search the rejection codes below as well. However, the instruction on how to correct your return might not match the site where you prepared or eFiled your Return. Contact us here at for additional assistance.

Once you have searched your rejection code, please sign back into your tax return. You will see similar step by step instructions on how to correct your tax return on the right side of the page after sign in. Once you have completed the correction, click continue and eFile your tax return again at no extra charge.

Search instructions for tax return rejections

  • By rejection code: Enter either the complete rejection code or parts of the code below.
  • By rejection keyword: Only enter keywords e.g. AGI, SSN, Adjusted Gross Income. Do not enter phrases e.g. "Why was my return rejected" or "my AGI is wrong"

No Rejection Code(s) on File