Fill Out Your W-4 Online

W-4 Basic Taxometer

There are four free Form W-4 tools or calculators to create and sign your IRS W-4 Form(s). The Basic version - below on this page - lets you enter all the W-4 Form data required, e.g. number of dependents, deductions, address, SSN, signature, etc. At the end, after you sign the W-4, you can email the form as a PDF to yourself and/or your employer's email address; you do not need to send the W-4 Form to the IRS.

Important: does not store any W-4 based data entered nor store the completed PDF, but this information is needed to generate and sign the form.

Fill Out Form W-4

Unlike the other three free W-4 Calculators, this Basic version does not make recommendation on what to enter on your W-4 based on your current paycheck or past or future tax returns.

To see how effective your W-4 based paycheck tax withholding will be during the year, create a free Taxpert account and prepare your tax return. You can have a Taxpert® assist you with your tax withholding or W-4 form.

Your information will not be stored and is only used to create the W-4.

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