Self Prepare Your Simple Tax Return

Got a simple Tax Return to prepare and efile? Start Free now. Follow an easy Tax Interview and the tax preparation software will pick the right tax forms for you via the automatic form selection feature.

Automatic Form Selection

You don't have to commit to a particular service package before you prepare your return. Based on your answers to simple tax questions during the online preparation process, the software will determine which tax form the IRS requires for your federal tax return: 1040EZ (Free Basic), 1040A (Deluxe, $29.95), or 1040 (Premium, $39.95).

Low Price for State Returns

Need to add one or multiple state tax returns? You can do this without any additional charges. For only $19.95 for as many state returns as you need to prepare, and that price will not change no matter what type of federal return you prepare.

Free Premium Taxpert Support

All customers get free tax return help and support. We help you correct mistakes and fix tax return rejections. Contact us for free Premium-level support for all tax services.


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