What Is Your Paycheck Tax Withholding Attitude?

Did you start a new job and need to create a W-4 tax withholdings form, or do you plan to review your current paycheck tax withholding? If so, you can use a simple tool below to do both. 

Just completing a W-4 alone does not give a taxpayer a good estimate on how paycheck tax withholdings will impact taxes owed or a tax refund on the annual income tax return. Here we are not only providing you a tool to create a W-4, but also a free and easy-to-use tax calculator to estimate how your per paycheck tax withholdings or allowances will impact each net paycheck and your annual income taxes. If you have questions, please contact one of our Taxperts so you can discuss and plan your tax withholdings and income taxes.  

Many employees (especially young and new employees) wonder what their allowances should be on a W-4. This tool will help you understand the thinking behind the tool.

Simply use the Paycheck Tax Withholdings Attitude Checker. Based on these results, you can use the Tax Withholdings and Tax Return Estimator Application so your Taxes are balanced your personal way.

Do you want a bigger pay check now by balancing your tax withholding?

Let's See... Did you get a tax refund with your last year's tax return?

Are you sure? So, no tax refund, no tax payments for you, last year?

Which means you gave the IRS and State too much of your money in the form of tax withholding each pay period. Are you cool with giving your money to the government, interest free, only to get it back later as a refund?

It means you did not withhold enough tax from your pay check each pay period. Do you still want to owe taxes tax next year?

If you now wish to balance your per paycheck Tax Withholdings and thus your next Income Tax Return, start the free integrated Tax Withholding and Income Tax Return Estimator. 


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