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Filing your taxes online has never been simpler with the improvement of online e-filing and tax preparation.

  • Ready to prepare your own U.S. Income Taxes? Prepare and e-file your IRS and state 2022 Tax Returns during 2023 by clicking on the Start button in the Do-IT-Yourself or DIY column below; see a detailed e-file services overview. DIY will be provided by our partner site, Taxpert and tax preparation services are provided by the same organization.
  • Can't deal with taxes as they are too complicated and confusing? Get Taxpert assistance to prepare your current taxes, previous year tax returns, and/or tax amendments work with the Taxpert-Team.
  • Taxpert-Team provides in depth analysis and assistance with the planning and preparation of your return plus Form W-4 or Tax Withholding. Paycheck tax withholding contributes substantially to your tax return and whether a taxpayer ultimately owes taxes or can expect a tax refund. The Taxpert Taxometer is the perfect start for you to learn more about Form W-4.
  • Real human tax assistance and no digital robots - explain! No intimidation via complicated Mumbo Jumbo.

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Do-IT-Yourself: DIY

Self preparation and e-filing platform for 2022 Returns in 2023 with Premium Support; start here to follow step-by-step e-file instructions. All Income Types: W-2, 1099 etc. All Filing Statuses All Deductions, Credits Current Year Free Amendment Free e-File Auto-Downgrade DIY Service Details
$0-$39 Details


Live Taxpert Assistance for more complicated or previous year tax returns, tax amendments, W-4 or tax withholding planning. Same Services as DIY Tax Return Years 2017-2022 Tax Amendments 2017-2022 State Returns, Amendments e-File, Mail-In Virtual Taxpert Appointment W-4, Tax Withholding
Details Starts at $19

Once you have selected a service which works for you, create your free account by clicking one of the "start" buttons above and enter your basic information. Whether you prepare it on your own via the eFile platform or work directly with a Taxpert, we are here to answer any tax questions you may have, as simple or complicated as they may be.