Tax Services

Select from the services below to file your taxes; prepare and file them via the app or work with a Taxpert to file them together. Select the option that is best for you!

  • If you wish to prepare and e-file your IRS and/or state 2022 Tax Return during 2023, create an account or sign in under Do-IT-Yourself below. You will be linked to our partner site to prepare and e-File your returns.
  • If you require or want tax assistance to prepare your current taxes, previous year tax returns, and/or tax amendments, work with the Taxpert-Team. You can also use Taxpert-Teamwork if you need tax planning assistance with your W-4. The Taxpert and tax preparation services are provided by the same organization.

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Do-IT-Yourself: DIY

Self preparation and e-filing platform for 2022 Returns in 2023 with Premium Support; start here to follow step-by-step e-file instructions. All Income Types: W-2, 1099 etc. All Filing Statuses All Deductions, Credits Current Year Free Amendment Free e-File Auto-Downgrade DIY Service Details
$0-$39 Details


Live Taxpert Assistance for more complicated or previous year tax returns, tax amendments, W-4 or tax withholding planning. Same Services as DIY Tax Return Years 2017-2022 Tax Amendments 2017-2022 State Returns, Amendments e-File, Mail-In Virtual Taxpert Appointment W-4, Tax Withholding
Details Starts at $19

Once you have decided which tax service is right for you, click the green button above to create your free account. Regardless of which platform you use, a Taxpert® will be available to answer your tax questions before, during, and after the tax preparation process.