What is the Head of Household Filing Status and Do I Qualify?

You are a Head of Household if you are single and have a qualifying dependent. If you do not have a qualifying dependent, you are considered Single on your tax return. 

Who Can Qualify As Head of Household?

Single parents and other unmarried people with dependents can be Heads of Household. 

Why Should I Consider Filing As Head of Household Filing Status Instead of Single?

Unlike the Single filing status, filing as Head of Household generally result in lower tax rates and higher standard deductions.

How Do I Find Out If I Qualify as Head of Household?

Many single parents might qualify for the Head of Household Tax Return Filing Status on their Federal Tax Return. Alternatively, if you paid more than 50% as a Single Person, the cost of keeping up a home for the Tax Year, you might qualify for the Filing Status Find out if you qualify as Head of Household now.

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